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Porcelain Miniature Treasures

I haven't worked with porcelain for a long time.

I decided to make porcelain figurines of my friend's pets for the Christmas gift!

Unfortunately, I couldn't finish it until the second week of January lol.

This is one of her ferrets.

This little friend bit me all night long when I had a sleepover at my friend's house.

And, of course, I didn't have good sleep ~_~ lol.

I still remember the feeling of her teeth on my skin.

I was stalking my friend's Instagram to see pictures of her pets for the whole time I was working on these figurines.

Look at that puffy face lol xD!

I also made my little pet house sparrow, Chili's figurine.

And since I was making Chili, I wanted to make all the other different house sparrow species as well.

Making the fancy platform for these little guys.

Sculpting part is all finished!

And it came out really nice!

I had to work on these hideouts at the same time.

Busy busy!

I didn't know I was using the wrong glaze until they came out from the kiln lol.

I'm not gonna upload the picture of my mistake on this post!


I glazed only the platform because I want the matt feeling on the figurine.

This picture is after fixing my mistake lol.

Looks great!

It doesn't look like that there was any mistake at all!

The fun part!

China painting!

This is the very first layer.

I did 3 firings total for each layer of the china paint.

And I think this was the second layer.

I used the gold luster for the first time.

I totally forgot to clean the surface with the rubbing alcohol.

Da final firing session.

Everything looks great except three of my friend's pet figurines....

I glued on these high quality cubic zirconia to the platform.

This one looks good.

This one looks good too.

And this one..

The chemical thing from the gold luster was blended in the surface because there was 'oil' all over -cries out loud-

This is the mistake that I couldn't hide lol.

Sparrows are perfect though, thankfully.

lol I love these house sparrow collection.

These are so cute.

And the legend says that my friend loves it so much.


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