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Finally, I'm writing the second post of SAK-SOON RETURNS.

I've been super busy because I was working on several projects at once.. Dx!

I began to draw the doll structure first.

I drew on the Surface Pro 2017 that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday!

I used to draw the doll structure on a huge graphing paper,

but I decided to use the new technology lol.

I am so ready to start this big project!

I printed out the sketch,

got a cup of coffee,

cleaned up the table,

bought two lights,,,,

Everything is perfect!

This is the doll structure I printed out.

I'm gonna make a double jointed doll this time.

I want to make a super fancy high-quality doll!

I also bought a styrofoam today.

I think I wasted money on buying this huge styrofoam lol.

I actually only need a small piece of styrofoam.

And I used only half of that small piece of styrofoam lol.

I guess I'll be using this styrofoam for a longgg time.

The bone structure is all done.

This took me several hours.

I added clay on them.

I used the clay I bought a long long time ago and it's still usable!

Wow my back is hurting like crazy.

I worked on it without taking a break...

Now, let's wait til they dry!


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