Super Mario Themed Cage

This is the full view of the cage.

Pictures of process is all at the bottom.

I made every single items in the cage!

It took me almost a month to complete the whole thing -cries-.

I am so proud of myself because it's so well-done!

This is the full cage tour video!

I started off with the Bowser shell.

This one took me the longest time to finish.

I added glitter to make it look special lol.

I didn't take pictures much because I wish busy recording the process.

This is the process video of the Bowser shell house.

Taco only sleeps nowadays ever since I placed it in his cage.

I haven't seen him for the past 3 days.

He doesn't come out.

He only comes out to drink water super fast lol.

The next thing I made was this Mario mushroom bowl.

I also made the Mario blocks to make it look fancy.