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Super Mario Themed Cage

This is the full view of the cage.

Pictures of process is all at the bottom.

I made every single items in the cage!

It took me almost a month to complete the whole thing -cries-.

I am so proud of myself because it's so well-done!

This is the full cage tour video!

I started off with the Bowser shell.

This one took me the longest time to finish.

I added glitter to make it look special lol.

I didn't take pictures much because I wish busy recording the process.

This is the process video of the Bowser shell house.

Taco only sleeps nowadays ever since I placed it in his cage.

I haven't seen him for the past 3 days.

He doesn't come out.

He only comes out to drink water super fast lol.

The next thing I made was this Mario mushroom bowl.

I also made the Mario blocks to make it look fancy.

My pet sparrow, Chili, was with me the whole time.

I can place the bowl on top of the block like this.

It's big enough for food.

Looks more pretty with colors!

Taco was very excited to see this new stuff.

He took all the food and put it in his pouch already lol.

Process video of Mario mushroom bowl + block

I also made some toys.

This is the mushroom platform from the Super Mario Bros.

-Sneak peek-

He climbs up on top of the mushroom like this and sniff the air.

This is not a good toy for cage escape experts lol.

Those hamsters can escape the cage with this.

Fortunately, Taco doesn't know how to jump xD!

Here's the process video of the mushroom platform toy.

Last but not least,

I also painted the background of the cage.

I'm not kidding.

This literally took me a whole day.

I thought this would be the easiest part out of everything

but I had to crouch my back the whole time

and I felt the pain on my back and shoulders.

I thought I was losing my shoulders lol.

I worked on it from 11am to 2am...

And I took a one hour break.

I don't think I will do this ever again.

I really love this cage -cries-!!

By the way, I really hope he will come out and play with me soon.


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