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UV Box For Curing Resin

Since I started working with resin on my ceramics, I decided to invest in this UV resin curing box!

Here's the link if you are interested in this item. I bought the medium size for $49.99:

You need to assemble it by yourself but it's not hard at all.

Just follow the instruction. It's pretty simple!

Don't forget to peel these off before assembling!

It's better to use some sharp tool on the edge or corner because this thing is so hard to peel.

It feels so good to peel these.

and you will see this shiny smooth white surface.

I brought them into my room, so I can see my little sparrow, Chili, as I'm working xD.

She was very curious already lol.

All the tools you need are also included in the box.

The instruction doesn't show you this part. Make sure to put these little white rubber band things to secure the box.

This is what it looks like when it's done!

You can set the timer, too!

When you start the timer, the light turns on and starts operating. It's pretty quiet; all you are gonna hear is the small motor that turns the bottom base.

And it rotates inside! Resins will be cured from every angle!

And all my hides perfectly fit in the box!

This is the dimension for the pineapple house you see in the pic for your information;

Height - 6.5in (16.51cm)

Length - 5in (12.7cm)

Width - 5in (12.7cm)

Overall, I'm happy with this UV curing box. It works perfectly and is great. I highly recommend this product to people who do resin art ;D!


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