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Japanese Popin Candy - Hamburger

So.. me and my bro tried this Japanese popin candy for the first time.

one for me

one for my bro

동생군과 일본에서 직수입(?)한 과자?캔디?를 함께 해봄.

following instruction is so fun!

하라는대로 하는데 재미짐.

we were watching Conan while making this stuff.

코난쇼를 보며 재밋게 만들어봄.

each component has its own taste and smell.

french fries actually smell like potato!!

and that katchup tastes like ketchup lol.

and so is the bread, cheese,,,, etc.

이게 신기한게 재료마다 맛이 다름.

포테이토 맛은 포테이토맛이나고

케찹은 진짜 캐찹맛남.

싱기방기 ㅋㅋ.

this soda was the koolest thing lol.

as soon as you pour the powder into water,

it makes the soda effect xD!

콜라가 제일 신기함.

물에다 가루를 뿌리니 막 부글부글하면서 소다처럼 됨.

I was like



here it is!

this is the one i made xD!

다 만듬.

이게 본인이 만든거임.

and this is what my bro made

(pic from my bro's phone)

이건 동생군이 만든거.

자기가 직접 폰으로 찍어서 나에게 보내줌 ㅋㅋ.

For our bright future,


then we ate them all lol.

우리의 밝은 내일을 위하여


So the conclusion is

they smell just like real fake food

and taste funny.

it was really interesting and fun to try out!!

이거 진짜 짝퉁 햄버거맛남.

매우 재미나게 만들어 먹음.


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