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Japanese Popin Candy - Sushi

Here I am, not working on any dolls,

just sitting here and being lazy lol.

But seriously, I will start making something on Monday.

Not tomorrow, on Monday.

because.. I feel like I will be saying "oh I feel like making something today" on Monday.

Anyways, this is what I've done instead of working on dolls.

본인의 삶은 귀차니즘에 의하여 망가졌으니,

인형이고 뭐고 그냥 대충 살아가고 있음.

하지만 월요일부터 뭔가를 만들거임.

내일이 아닌 월요일.

왜냐하면 왠지 월요일이 되면 만들고싶은 기분이 들것같은 느낌같은 느낌이 들기때문임.



I've been waiting for it to arrive here from Japan.

It took about 3weeks to get here.

One is for me,

and one is for my brother.

아 뭐 이거 하나 직수입(?)하는데 3주나 걸림.

이번에도 동생군과 함께 함.

First of all, we had to cut out those little dishes.

Then I arranged powder thingies in order.

접시를 자르고

가루같은거 정렬해놓음.

만들기 준비 끝.

This powder is gonna be riceeeee ;O!

당신들은 이제 이 신비의 가루가 밥이 되는것을 볼거임.

It smells like some kind of soda.

The previous one, the hamburger, actually tasted like burger lol.

But this one has just some fruity jelly taste.


근데 소다향이 남.

전에 햄버거 만들땜 햄버거향이 났는데,

이건 쌩뚱맞게 그냥 소다향남.

Making fish eggs was the best part of all lol.

This thing is really kool!

이게 제일 싱기방기함.

물에 한방울씩 떨어트리니 저래됨.