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[Paper Nano] Sagrada Familia

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

I went to some book store near my house, it actually takes around 20min to get there, and found an interesting thing!

집주변에 있는 북스토어에 갔는데 흥미로운것을 발견함.

Basically, you just cut out the paper and assemble it as the instruction says.

It's pretty easy to make, but if you are not good at handling tiny things, you will have some struggle.

Yes, it is tiny.


SUPER tiny !!

페이퍼 나노라는건데,

종이를 잘라서 설명서 따라 만들어가는거임.

꽤 쉬움, 하지만 굉장히 작아 어려움이 따름.


매우 작음.

I love working on my craft desk ;D.

본인 작업 책상에 앉아서 작업하는게 좋음!

And here is the finished product!!

It's really nicer than I thought.

The scale is super tiny, but I love how many details it has!!

다 만듬.

생각보다 꽤 멋짐.

저 쪼그만것에 섬세한 디테일을 보소.

What a beautiful structure! ;D

I also recorded the whole process while I was making it.


And here is Almond xD!

She enjoyed exploring my craft desk for the first time today.

And she fell from the desk lol.

우리 아몬드찡!

아몬드찡은 본인 책상을 탐험하고있음.

그리고 책상에서 떨어짐 ㅠㅠㅠ..


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