[Paper Nano] Five Story Pagoda

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

I think it was the easiest one I've done so far.

Everything was simple and assembling was not difficult at all compared to the other ones.

I kinda wanna talk about this stuff on this post,

but I'm super tired right now.

So I'm skipping an explanation for this one.

Actually, there is no explanation needed because

you will quite understand what's going on by looking at these pictures and the video all the way at the bottom.


지금까지 본인이 한것중 제일 쉬웠던것같음.

매우 단순하고 조립하는데 어렵지 않았음.

이것에 대해 더욱 진지하고 자세히 말하고싶지만,

본인은 지금 매우 피곤함.

그러므로 본인은 이것에 대한 설명을 하지 않을것임.

사실 설명할것도 없음.

그냥 사진보고 밑에 동영상 보면 뭔 상황인지 알거임.



I'm going to sleep now.

I'm trying to wake up early these days because my mom yells at me


all the time

every single day


본인은 이제 잘거임.

본인은 요즘 일찍 일어나는 습관을 들이려함.